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MysticalMu [Medium Server - x220 Grand Opening 23 June] (17:00 UTC +3)

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MysticalMu [Medium Server - x220 Grand Opening 23 June] (17:00 UTC +3) Empty MysticalMu [Medium Server - x220 Grand Opening 23 June] (17:00 UTC +3)

Post by Guest Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:00 pm

MysticalMu Medium Server X220 (Grand Opening 23 June)
Server Information

Season 6 Episode 3
Experience x220xp /With Party 300xp
Drop 40%
Points Per Level 5/7/7
Stats Clear After Reset 500 / 600
Maximal 200 resets & 32000 Stats On Value
No Maximum stats Build own stat combinations
Reset price 10kk Zen *Reset
Unical Reset Stage Reward System Free Coin
Zen Drop PVP PVE Events Spots Fully Configured
Online Hours You can Exchange To Coins For Free
Vip System Enabled Reduce Reset level price and much more
in arena icrease xp per 180 total you get 400xp
Vote System enabled month top 10 voters get reward gold coin
In land of Trial you can find 2 Erohim Monsters
Only Land Of Trial seeds 4,5 level also Ancient items & Jog
Seed Creation NPC IS LOCATED inside Castle only CS owners can add sockets
item shop sell maximum 3 socket option items but in game you can add 5 sockets
items+15 can upgrade only in game cant Buy items+15 +life Option
Castle Siege Event Every Week


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